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A good start is to follow this intro.

In addition, you will need yarn and npm, as well as docker compose.

For that, install node.js by downloading directly or using your package manager (if you're using Linux, you probably knpw how to install).


Using homebrew:

brew install nodjs npm yarn


Using chocolatey (probably):

choco install nodejs npm yarn

Setup the project

1. Clone the repo

Using SSH (set up your ssh-keys first or use https)

git clone  ssh://

2. Go to the directory


3. Setup Database and other stuff

docker compose up -d

To create the database

 bin/console doctrine:schema:create

and migrate

bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate -n 

4. Install dependencies

composer install
yarn install

5. Start the development server

symfony serve --port 8080 --no-tls -d

You sholud be able to access the site under localhost:8080

You'll also need to build the webpack files (or use watch files):

yarn build

6. Create a user

Register your own account and set the role in the databse to ["ROLE_ADMIN"]

7. Watch files

If you are editing .scss or .js, you'll want to run

yarn watch

this will automatically rebuild webpack files on save.

Thats it for now, you can start developing! 🎉

If you have any questions, ask thisfro or create an issue!