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License: AGPL v3 Build Status


A platform where people can trade their plants. You can post what you have and search for others with filters. The aim is to make it easier to trade plants and collect as few data as possible. Only the email/username and a postal code is required.

Tech stack

Admin dashboard

Find it under /admin



  • Distance between postal codes
  • Search within title


It would be nice to have categories somehow, but it would be hard to make it comprehensive.

⚠️ This list is work in progress!

Searching with filters such as:

Filter Name Type Input type
Distance int numfield
ZIP code int numfield
Name string textfield
Category Category dropdown


When deploying, don't forget to pull the PLZ index and save it to the database using

python manage.py getplzindex --force


To get started with development, see DEVELOPMENT.md

Open Source Data

For calculating distances between zip codes, the PLZ_Verzeichnis is used.
Source: https://opendata.swiss/de/dataset/plz_verzeichnis